Consignment Program for Local Artists

Local Artists

Current Local Artists on Display

Rachel Abrams, Alejandra Arvizu, Ariana Barnstable, EmmaMay Beers, Avery-Grace Blanco, Nicoleta Dumville, Anne Fitzgerald, Whitney Grimm, Fern Hayes, Ellen Kaufman, Jordan Keefe, Katia King, Wren Knerr, Christopher La Fleur, Emily Locke, Melissa Lora, Sarah Nix, Tori Price, and Katie Trapp

Consignment Program

Petals & Pages proudly supports our local Colorado artists, and our consignment program allows us to feature local artworks in our storefront year-round. Our art program rotates on a quarterly basis, with art calls posted on our instagram page at the start of each quarter.

To have your artwork considered for our consignment program, please send any images, statements, or marketing materials to during our open calls for art. If your artwork is a good fit for Petals & Pages’ selection, we will be in touch to proceed as outlined below. Artworks including or promoting bigotry of any kind - including racism, homophobia and transphobia, misogyny, or ableism - will not be considered. Our consignment program is limited to Colorado residents or people who have strong current ties to Colorado. 

Agreement to Sell

Petals & Pages will initially take the artwork(s) accepted for a minimum of 3 months with the opportunity to extend. During that time, we will contact the artist if the artwork(s) have sold or is ready to be picked up. At the end of the month, the consignment will be extended or closed. 

In accordance with this agreement, the Consignor grants Petals & Pages an exclusive right to display and sell the mutually agreed upon item(s). Petals & Pages agrees to place the agreed upon item(s) in a prominent area within the store premises. 

Proceeds and Terms of Sales

The retail price of the artwork(s) is set by the artist. Petals & Pages offers a 70/30 profit split with our local artists, with the artists receiving 70% of the profits per sale. For example, if the item is priced in store at $100, the artist receives $70 for that item sold. 

The Consignee shall retain possession of the consigned merchandise item(s) for a minimum period of 30 days, beginning on the aforementioned agreement date. Prior to or upon delivery of the merchandise, the Consignor shall provide a complete and accurate inventory list of the merchandise items that have been consigned to be sold. The Consignee will only accept clean, quality merchandise items in good condition. 

And merchandise that is not sold at the end of the consignment period shall be evaluated by both the Consignee and the Consignor. In the event that the Consignor decides to remove their merchandise, the Consignor shall assume all responsibility for retrieving and removing the unsold merchandise or arrange for the pick-up and all costs associated with said removal of merchandise. 

The Consignor shall retain ownership of any and all consigned merchandise until such time as the merchandise is sold. 

Please email with any questions or inquiries about our local artist program.